Is it worth it trying legal companies that offer online services only (like legal zoom)?

When it comes time to asking for legal help we often ask ourselves, “how the heck am I going to pay for this, right?”

With the emerging online world around us we see new products and services every day that could potentially help. But is this always the right idea? Stick around to find out so you can get your situation dealt with ASAP.

Some of the online Legal Service providers include:

· Legal Zoom

· Rocket Lawyer

· US Legal

· Legal Shield

· Law Depot

· Standard Legal


These are just a small handful of the legal services that are can be found online.

However, the most important question to ask is if it is worth our time and money. We will break this down to get the answers we are looking for.


What is the exact nature of your situation?

Although saving time and money is ideal it might not always be realistic.

It would be nice to save our time and money but just how deep are you? Is your situation very complex? Or is it very simple and easily resolved?

Sometimes checking boxes and submitting forms will not give you the results you desire, other times it can be a life saver. With these online services we are saving our time and money by submitting these forms, but are we getting the best results?


Contributing Factors

Legal Zoom has been in service for over a decade and 93% of people would recommend this service. If you had to choose any online service you will be looking to spend an hour of your time and a few hundred dollars, opposed to spending thousands on a conventional lawyer.

But when you get online to submit a form you could easily miss a step or question that could affect your overall outcome. When we seek a conventional lawyer, we get the face to face interaction and communication that we lack online.

Lawyers are trained to pick up the small details and aspects to help you in the best way possible something an online service may not cover. When meeting with a lawyer you are destined to pay more, but for only a half hour to an hour pay you might be able to get the answers to all the questions you have. Something that might not be as easy online.

Deciding Factors

Online services are great but not always reliable depending on your situation. If you happen to be:

· Starting an LLC

· Getting a simple divorce

· Trying to access legal forms

· Seeking an attorney or tax consultant

If these apply to you then I would recommend Legal Zoom starting at only $9.99 for personal use, or $23.99 for small business use (half price of competitors). With this service, you will receive unlimited access to a tax consultant or be pointed to an attorney for questions.

And if you are still unsure try singing up for a free trial, contacting an attorney, and getting more information on the best way to deal with your situation. This solution would be the best to take if you are cheap on funds and need answers fast.

How could you go wrong? It is simple, fast, and cheap.

Reasons Why It’s Important To Look At Divorce statistics

Divorce seems to be something that most people know about, and the reason behind this is not just about higher levels of education and consciousness but more because of a society facing an increasing number of divorces. Divorce statistics proof enough that divorce is more accepted now in society and another evidence of this is the increasing number of countries who now consider it legal.
According to divorce statistics, around 60% of marriages in the country end in divorce. Either this is valid or wrong remains to be a moral question. While most of us still believe in the sanctity of marriage, many married relationships have to end for some varied reasons. Divorce statistics also show that in second or third marriages, only around 20% of couples remain happily married. This means that a huge percentage – 80% – end in either fault or no-fault divorce.

Of course, when it comes to divorce issues, it is not only the couple involved in the marriage who are affected. In fact, those who suffer more are the children. However, many say that divorces can be a way to end more suffering both for the parents as well as for the children. With all these divorce statistics and reality, many of us cannot help but accept the fact that marital problems and divorces will be part of our lives whether we individually opt for them or not.

The Reasons Behind Divorces

Whenever we look at divorce statistics, it is also vital to look at the reasons and the stories behind the figures in these statistics. Doing this can help us understand more this societal phenomena. One of the leading common causes for divorce is “irreconcilable differences.” This term is regarded as the no-fault grounds for divorce, but it can be called other names. The general idea is that married couples simply can no longer get along with each other, thus, the filing of the divorce.

On the other hand, the fault grounds for divorce can vary much. Divorce statistics show that beyond are many failed marriages that end in divorce due to the following valid reasons – adultery, bigamy, desertion or abandonment, insanity, physical and emotional abuse and even long-term separation. These reasons would further be analyzed to be able to understand the divorce statistics more.

The Effects of Divorces

The increasing rate of divorces brings its effect. Of course, families can no longer stay together, and those who suffer most are the children of divorced parents. It is also a fact, however, that having divorced parents does not necessarily mean that the children will go wayward. Several divorced parents have brought their children up well and good. Many parents have managed to bring their children up well despite the separation. In fact, their divorce statistics also show that some families are better off after a divorce is made final.

Despite the increasing rate of divorces in the countries, there are quite many marriages that end up well. There are those couples which contemplate the option of getting a divorce only to end up reunited and happier together. While the statistics can show a slice of reality, it cannot hurt the whole picture of marriages and families.