How does the justice system keep failing against celebrities?

The main goal of the justice system is simple: objectivity and equality for all. However, it doesn’t seem as easy to put this in practice, especially with reference to celebrities. Far too often, celebrities are granted certain privileges when it comes to being tried for the court and so, they often manage to slip through the net of the justice system.

The biggest problem seems to be that judges already have an image in their heads about particular celebrities like OJ Simpson or P. Diddy and that affects their ability to be independent and objective. The same can be said about the jury of ordinary citizens. As a result, celebrities often receive a certain sentence or are acquitted on the basis of those prejudices and not based on the real facts, as should be the case. For example, OJ Simpson used to be a very famous football player and was loved by many during his golden days. When he had to defend himself in court against the claims that he murdered his ex-wife and her friend, all evidence seemed to point to his guilt. Nevertheless, because of the favoritism of the justice system and his golden-boy reputation, he was acquitted.

Furthermore, judicial cases that involve celebrities gain massive attraction from the public and thus, there’s always a lot at stake. Judges often struggle with this attention and sometimes feel like they ought to be walking on eggshells. More often than not, they will come to a verdict that they feel will be accepted by the general public and again, that affects their objectivity. That’s a shame because this way, we’re creating wrong precedents and we’re not setting the right example for the people that look up to these celebrities. Moreover, it sends a mixed signal when it comes to how the justice system is supposed to deal with crimes in general.

Lastly, when it comes to celebrities in the justice system, there is a lot of money involved most of the time. It’s no secret that money opens doors and can get you away with a lot of things. Because of this, celebrities almost always have access to the best judicial tools. They can afford the most high-profile lawyers, they can bribe their way to acquittance, they can make sure that there is fewer media coverage and they can have their own pick when it comes to citizen jurors. That’s only the tip of the iceberg because the list of privileges doesn’t stop there. As a result, celebrities often don’t receive more than a warning. The worst part about all this is that “normal” people that don’t have access to those same privileges are being far worse. They often get very heavy sentences for the same crimes that celebrities are acquitted for.

To conclude, the special treatment of celebrities in the justice system has gotten out of hand and the time for change has come! Favoritism needs to be tackled in order to guarantee that everyone, including celebrities, undergoes a fair trial and that equality is restored.

How to handle a denied disability claim

Sometimes, people fail to foresee any unfortunate circumstances that may arise in the course of employment. One of such circumstances are disabilities. Disabilities can be in born or acquired. However, in this case, we are talking about the acquired disabilities. To be specific, perennial illness that cause a person to cease working or injuries that make you unable to perform your duties as listed in your employment contract.

In the light of such an unfortunate occurrence, one may sought to apply for a disability claim. A disability claim will help you maintain your family expenses for the time you are unable to work. The Social Security Disability Insurance is a body mandated with responding to disability claims. Statistics from SSDI show that over 70% of disability claims are denied every year. Suppose your application falls in this category, I advise you not to panic, here is a list of actions you can take to manage the situation.

Provide substantial medical evidence

One of the factors attributed to rejected claims is insufficient medical evidence. As an applicant whose claim has been rejected, you have to establish the basis for rejection. SSDI can provide these answers.

If medical documents are cited as the reason for denial, you can consult with your doctor to provide detailed documentation of your disability. The documents should not only prove your disability but also show that you are unable to work. For instance, as a secretary faced with back pains, your medical evidence should prove that your back pains inhibit you from carrying out your secretarial duties.

Reconsider a new application

If your disability claim was denied, chances are that you failed to execute proper documentation in your application. If this turns out to be the case, a new application is recommended. In the consequent application, take note of all requirements. The Social Security Disability insurance considers this problem as a failure to cooperate.
You are therefore advised to make a new application while following the outlined guidelines.


If you think that your application was unfairly handled, then appealing might be the way to go. However, you cannot completely fault SSDI for the large number of rejected applications. As it stands out, not all applicants are genuine persons with disability. If you and your doctors perceive your disability as genuine, then appealing the claim denial would be the best way to go.

This is a quite a simple process since SSDI provides a routine for appealing denied claims.

Acquiring Long Term Disability Lawyers Toronto

While you can appeal a denied claim personally, it is recommended that you get a disability lawyer or attorney. These people understand the disability environment very well. They will help you build a strong case that will help in your appeal. Additionally, they will advise you on the strengths and weaknesses your case. With such information, you can overturn your denied disability claim.

Applying for a disability claim is within your rights as an employee who pays taxes. Social Security Insurance is one of the many tax deductions made on your salary. Therefore, you should not hesitate to apply for a disability claim. In the event of a denial, the aforementioned suggestions will help you handle the situation.

What’s an interesting controversial legal case going on right now?

With the help of technology, different information nowadays spread like wildfire around the world throug televisions, radios, and online. This information may help us on day to day basis, learn, or encourage us to raise concerns on what is happening outside our own homes. Today in particular news, there is serious information that anyone would not tolerate having insights on what it is talking about. Most of this news talks more on controversial legal cases that would pique people’s interest to get involved. Here are two controversial cases that are currently revolving in news and on the internet:

1. Nissan Chairman Arrested Because of Financial Law Violation

Carlos Ghosn is a renowned businessman in the car industry. He serves as chairman and CEO of Renault and then became the new chairman and CEO of Japan-based Nissan Motors Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. He was just recently arrested this Monday, dated 19 of November 2018.

He was arrested due to the suspicion of understating his salary by a 5 billion yen or 44 million dollars for over five years in violation of Japanese Financial Law. He was discovered through the help of internal audit and some whistle-blowers that he for many years are understating his income reports submitted to Japanese business management body which is a significant misconduct and may point out using the company funds to personal gains.

Prosecutors in Japan are convinced that this is a clear violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Greg Kelly which is the representative director is also arrested with the same chargers being involved in the said misconduct. Ghosn management style made the companies involved here to become top car manufacturers around the world.

He is also very famous in making bold, drastic, and innovative measures to make sure that their yearly goal is achieved to the best the company can provide to customers. His arrest is totally caught the attention of the world, that even businessman with such high status, would be shot down and dropped in an instant. Money can really be an influence that can force someone to do anything, even it is no longer appropriate. But this news surely proves that everyone is not excused from the laws of the land.

2. Imelda Marcos Found Guilty of Corruption but Bailed

Imelda Marcos is a politician and currently a congresswoman on the province of Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. She was first lady of the Philippines and a wife to the late Philippine Dictator named Ferdinand Marcos. During the Marcos regime, they declared martial law having the country under military power. Having the country run by a dictator, human rights during this time violated resulting in deaths and people revolting.

The Marcos family have amassed millions of dollars of ill-gotten wealth which is still uncovered during their regime until November 9 of the current year, she was found guilty of spiriting up to 200 million worth of dollars into Switzerland. Around November 16, she was provided a warrant of arrest and later on approved by Sandiganbayan, a part of the judiciary system, a 150 thousand pesos (2,800 dollars) as a bail to set her free temporarily with “motion for leave of court to avail of post-conviction remedies”. If the court declines her motion, it may end up having her post more bail for her to free. This legal proceeding is still in progress in the Philippines. It has started debates within the country and around the world.

These are some of those controversial legal cases that are going abuzz today. There are more different controversial ones you can read and watch in televisions or on the internet. Just follow a daily dose of news and it may either entertain you or pique your interest to dive more on the details.

What Is the of Illegal Streaming on Industries in 2018 and Reddit in Particular

Illegal streaming has been a very influential part of the Internet Piracy. It was long after the internet piracy became deep rooted in the virtual world that it was identified as a crime. This type of piracy is being executed nowadays under the cover of sharing of ideas, discussions or exchange of information over the social networking sites or blogs.

Same has been the case with Reddit. The dilemma is that when there is close surveillance of individuals’ online activities, the issue of online privacy
arises and it is due to the allowance for sharing of data or information without close surveillance over such networks, the freedom is misused and internet piracy becomes easy. This problem alone can be considered the main factor behind Reddit being able to get away with the illegal streaming threads with no action form law enforcers.

Apart from the freedom, the internet pirates have become very smart and the job has become much easier after introduction of short URLs. It is due to these short URLs that pirated content can be covered under the blanket of a web address which from its outlook appears only to be leading to yet another fun site on the traffic.

Though the illegal streaming has been considered a “victimless crime” at the outset, it does have its serious implications which are widespread and affect the filmmakers along with the whole team working under them and cinema owners alike, the legal streaming providers not to be left out at the same time.

Ipsos shares the findings of their research as around 30% of the people in the UK are involved in illegal streaming or purchasing counterfeit DVDs. The cost of such thefts to UK industries is estimated to be around £500m over a single year.

The executive producer of Downton Abbey, Gareth Neame describes another aspect of the illegal streaming as the producers now refraining from
new more creative ventures and resorting to the less risky work like continuation of ideas previously presented

As per the CEO of a famous Cinema Association, the box office UK is estimated to cause cinemas to be losing close to £220m a year on account of piracy which amount he equates to two month’s average income.

As published on Forbes website, the profits of a film distributor of US were brought down to a half owing to piracy.

A famous litigator of intellectual property however argues that if an illegal movie streamer is not allowed to enjoy it that way it is not necessary that they would go fetch the movie to watch on payment. This again raises a question mark over the estimations made in respect of the losses incurred by audiovisual industry strictly due to illegal streaming or other forms of piracy.

Some might even not think the illegal streaming as being a crime or some might not understand the damage it causes to the stakeholders but certainly what was produced after much investment would obviously be supposed to be sold for money and if that not happens loss would arise in the simplest calculations.

Copyright infringement; fair game, or damaging to creative freedom?

Ed Sheeran is a master at crafting songs that appeal to a particular feeling that can’t quite be put in words; but the closest thing to that feeling would have to be nostalgia.

Do you recall the first time you heard Photograph by Ed Sheeran?

I do. When I first heard it, I had been single for close to two years, but I did not feel any less touched than any person in a relationship would feel. It was therefore much to my surprise when allegations of copying and exploitation emerged with regard to that very song.

By the time the allegations had graduated into a $20 a million lawsuits, I was dismayed. I could not believe that a song I had become attached could have been illegally built off of the work of another artist.

Here is a short background on the case:

Ed Sheeran and his songwriting partner Johnny Mcdaid (a member of the band Snow Patrol), who has been credited as the official writers of the song, are being accused by former X Factor winner Matt Cardle of copying
his song ‘Amazing’ note for note. The official term used in the lawsuit was unabashedly taking credit for the song.

Songwriters Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington, who are responsible for Amazing, feel that Photograph was a direct rip off of it, and as a result, they felt that they were justified in coming after him. Harrington has written for stars such as Kylie Minogue, as well as doing plenty of other stellar work behind the scenes.

This lawsuit has led to an accidental spike in views of Amazing, a figure which now stands at 4.2 million on YouTube alone. However, not all bad news is without its detractors; its ratio of likes to dislikes is also alarming, with 21,000 likes and 7,000 likes. The possible explanation for this would be diehard Ed Sheeran fans who feel that the songwriters were wrong for going after their favorite artist.

I listened to Amazing, and I am not going to lie; the choruses of the two sons sound exactly like. As much as my view on this may be subjective, I feel that Photograph is a blatant copy of Amazing, and this is so disappointing to me. I feel almost embarrassed for Ed Sheeran and his team at the fact that they did this with no remorse and thought that they could get away with it. It is, therefore, no surprise that the lawsuit was settled out of
court, with both parties coming to a settlement on the matter.

This case is a further continuation of an emerging the trend of lawsuits with regard to copyright infringement. In 2015, a jury unanimously found Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams guilty of copyright infringement with regard to the song ‘Blurred Lines’; it was ruled that the
song infringed on ‘Got to Give It Up’ by Marvin Gaye, and $7.4 million was awarded to the family of Marvin Gaye. Pharrell was disappointed at the ruling, given its implication on creative freedom, but at what cost will you pursue your creative freedom?

In a ruling that went the other way, Jay Z won a similar trial in 2015 for his 1999 hit, Big Pimpin; the heir of an Egyptian composer went after them for what sounded like a product of the said composer’s music, but the case was dismissed.

Previously, Ed Sheeran’s Photograph was one of my favorite songs. Now, it’s not even my favorite song titled Photograph. Nickelback, anyone?