The main goal of the justice system is simple: objectivity and equality for all. However, it doesn’t seem as easy to put this in practice, especially with reference to celebrities. Far too often, celebrities are granted certain privileges when it comes to being tried for the court and so, they often manage to slip through the net of the justice system.

The biggest problem seems to be that judges already have an image in their heads about particular celebrities like OJ Simpson or P. Diddy and that affects their ability to be independent and objective. The same can be said about the jury of ordinary citizens. As a result, celebrities often receive a certain sentence or are acquitted on the basis of those prejudices and not based on the real facts, as should be the case. For example, OJ Simpson used to be a very famous football player and was loved by many during his golden days. When he had to defend himself in court against the claims that he murdered his ex-wife and her friend, all evidence seemed to point to his guilt. Nevertheless, because of the favoritism of the justice system and his golden-boy reputation, he was acquitted.

Furthermore, judicial cases that involve celebrities gain massive attraction from the public and thus, there’s always a lot at stake. Judges often struggle with this attention and sometimes feel like they ought to be walking on eggshells. More often than not, they will come to a verdict that they feel will be accepted by the general public and again, that affects their objectivity. That’s a shame because this way, we’re creating wrong precedents and we’re not setting the right example for the people that look up to these celebrities. Moreover, it sends a mixed signal when it comes to how the justice system is supposed to deal with crimes in general.

Lastly, when it comes to celebrities in the justice system, there is a lot of money involved most of the time. It’s no secret that money opens doors and can get you away with a lot of things. Because of this, celebrities almost always have access to the best judicial tools. They can afford the most high-profile lawyers, they can bribe their way to acquittance, they can make sure that there is fewer media coverage and they can have their own pick when it comes to citizen jurors. That’s only the tip of the iceberg because the list of privileges doesn’t stop there. As a result, celebrities often don’t receive more than a warning. The worst part about all this is that “normal” people that don’t have access to those same privileges are being far worse. They often get very heavy sentences for the same crimes that celebrities are acquitted for.

To conclude, the special treatment of celebrities in the justice system has gotten out of hand and the time for change has come! Favoritism needs to be tackled in order to guarantee that everyone, including celebrities, undergoes a fair trial and that equality is restored.

How does the justice system keep failing against celebrities?