Illegal streaming has been a very influential part of the Internet Piracy. It was long after the internet piracy became deep rooted in the virtual world that it was identified as a crime. This type of piracy is being executed nowadays under the cover of sharing of ideas, discussions or exchange of information over the social networking sites or blogs.

Same has been the case with Reddit. The dilemma is that when there is close surveillance of individuals’ online activities, the issue of online privacy
arises and it is due to the allowance for sharing of data or information without close surveillance over such networks, the freedom is misused and internet piracy becomes easy. This problem alone can be considered the main factor behind Reddit being able to get away with the illegal streaming threads with no action form law enforcers.

Apart from the freedom, the internet pirates have become very smart and the job has become much easier after introduction of short URLs. It is due to these short URLs that pirated content can be covered under the blanket of a web address which from its outlook appears only to be leading to yet another fun site on the traffic.

Though the illegal streaming has been considered a “victimless crime” at the outset, it does have its serious implications which are widespread and affect the filmmakers along with the whole team working under them and cinema owners alike, the legal streaming providers not to be left out at the same time.

Ipsos shares the findings of their research as around 30% of the people in the UK are involved in illegal streaming or purchasing counterfeit DVDs. The cost of such thefts to UK industries is estimated to be around £500m over a single year.

The executive producer of Downton Abbey, Gareth Neame describes another aspect of the illegal streaming as the producers now refraining from
new more creative ventures and resorting to the less risky work like continuation of ideas previously presented

As per the CEO of a famous Cinema Association, the box office UK is estimated to cause cinemas to be losing close to £220m a year on account of piracy which amount he equates to two month’s average income.

As published on Forbes website, the profits of a film distributor of US were brought down to a half owing to piracy.

A famous litigator of intellectual property however argues that if an illegal movie streamer is not allowed to enjoy it that way it is not necessary that they would go fetch the movie to watch on payment. This again raises a question mark over the estimations made in respect of the losses incurred by audiovisual industry strictly due to illegal streaming or other forms of piracy.

Some might even not think the illegal streaming as being a crime or some might not understand the damage it causes to the stakeholders but certainly what was produced after much investment would obviously be supposed to be sold for money and if that not happens loss would arise in the simplest calculations.

What Is the of Illegal Streaming on Industries in 2018 and Reddit in Particular