With the help of technology, different information nowadays spread like wildfire around the world throug televisions, radios, and online. This information may help us on day to day basis, learn, or encourage us to raise concerns on what is happening outside our own homes. Today in particular news, there is serious information that anyone would not tolerate having insights on what it is talking about. Most of this news talks more on controversial legal cases that would pique people’s interest to get involved. Here are two controversial cases that are currently revolving in news and on the internet:

1. Nissan Chairman Arrested Because of Financial Law Violation

Carlos Ghosn is a renowned businessman in the car industry. He serves as chairman and CEO of Renault and then became the new chairman and CEO of Japan-based Nissan Motors Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. He was just recently arrested this Monday, dated 19 of November 2018.

He was arrested due to the suspicion of understating his salary by a 5 billion yen or 44 million dollars for over five years in violation of Japanese Financial Law. He was discovered through the help of internal audit and some whistle-blowers that he for many years are understating his income reports submitted to Japanese business management body which is a significant misconduct and may point out using the company funds to personal gains.

Prosecutors in Japan are convinced that this is a clear violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Greg Kelly which is the representative director is also arrested with the same chargers being involved in the said misconduct. Ghosn management style made the companies involved here to become top car manufacturers around the world.

He is also very famous in making bold, drastic, and innovative measures to make sure that their yearly goal is achieved to the best the company can provide to customers. His arrest is totally caught the attention of the world, that even businessman with such high status, would be shot down and dropped in an instant. Money can really be an influence that can force someone to do anything, even it is no longer appropriate. But this news surely proves that everyone is not excused from the laws of the land.

2. Imelda Marcos Found Guilty of Corruption but Bailed

Imelda Marcos is a politician and currently a congresswoman on the province of Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. She was first lady of the Philippines and a wife to the late Philippine Dictator named Ferdinand Marcos. During the Marcos regime, they declared martial law having the country under military power. Having the country run by a dictator, human rights during this time violated resulting in deaths and people revolting.

The Marcos family have amassed millions of dollars of ill-gotten wealth which is still uncovered during their regime until November 9 of the current year, she was found guilty of spiriting up to 200 million worth of dollars into Switzerland. Around November 16, she was provided a warrant of arrest and later on approved by Sandiganbayan, a part of the judiciary system, a 150 thousand pesos (2,800 dollars) as a bail to set her free temporarily with “motion for leave of court to avail of post-conviction remedies”. If the court declines her motion, it may end up having her post more bail for her to free. This legal proceeding is still in progress in the Philippines. It has started debates within the country and around the world.

These are some of those controversial legal cases that are going abuzz today. There are more different controversial ones you can read and watch in televisions or on the internet. Just follow a daily dose of news and it may either entertain you or pique your interest to dive more on the details.

What’s an interesting controversial legal case going on right now?